Posted: 31-08-2020

Laravel Upgrading To 8.0 From 7.x

Laravel  Upgrading To 8.0 From 7.x

Laravel 8.x upgrade guide is avaliable on Laravel Master Documentation.

Estimated Upgrade Time: 15 Minutes.

Laravel 8 require PHP 7.3

High Impact Changes

  • Model Factories
  • Queue retryAfter
  • Method Pagination Defaults


Most Notable new Features on Laravel 8

  • Job Batching
  • Model factories feature has been totally rewritten 
  • The maintenance mode  has been improved
  • New Model Directory app/Models
  • Squashing Migrations
    a new artisan command added for schema dump php artisan schema:dump to "squash" your migrations into a single SQL file
  • Route Caching - Improved
    now Laravel can cache your routes even you use closure in route definition.
  • Laravel Jetstream